Heraflux Technologies works with companies of all sizes – small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Heraflux has clients from coast to coast, as well as internationally based organizations.

Our clients are as diverse as their needs. We work with hedge funds, financial institutions, manufacturing, professional sports leagues, media and entertainment, e-commerce, restaurant chains, software providers, insurance, and retail companies, to a name a handful. If you are in an industry that uses data, we can help.

If data impacts your organization, we can help. Our projects have included working with:

  • CEOs – to improve their strategic IT directions
  • CIOs – to create a roadmap for the future
  • IT Directors
    • improve the operational architecture of key IT systems
    • triage and remediate poorly performing systems
    • help break down organizational silos and work as intermediaries between teams
    • provide training to their employees for upcoming initiatives or advancing technologies
    • review and provide an analysis of the work of long-term contractors or remote DBAs to verify objectives are being met
  • Database Administrators
    • performance optimization
    • database and platform architecture
    • high availability and disaster recovery design and testing
    • database development
    • administration processes such as migrations, upgrades, and consolidation
  • Infrastructure and Virtualization Administrators
    • systems architecture and validation
    • performance and health assessments
    • virtualization enablement of critical systems
  • Independent Software Vendors and Hardware Manufacturers
    • product and platform validation
    • new feature architecture
    • advisory services for go-to-market and long-term strategies
  • Consulting Companies and Value Added Resellers – increase corporate offerings by leveraging Heraflux core services to augment core capabilities

Heraflux works on most technologies that are ‘under’ the application, such as database platforms, public cloud and virtualization environments, physical servers, and enterprise storage systems. We have deep specialties in Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Azure, just to name a few. For more details on the technologies we focus on, click here.

Heraflux can take you through the entire cloud evaluation process to determine if your application is ready for the public cloud, or more importantly, is your organization ready for the cloud. Many areas will be examined during this evaluation, including your organizational availability SLAs, resource consumption, , bandwidth requirements, connected systems, and fault handling by the application.

At Heraflux Technologies, we never box our clients into a pre-packaged and fixed solution. Our consulting solutions fall under project or managed services offerings, all carefully designed around the client’s expectations and unique goals.

Once you contact us, we will coordinate a time to review your current environment, talk about pain points, as well as you and your company’s expectations and goals. The call is a no obligation round-table discussion for you and your team to meet us.

Should you decide to move forward with Heraflux Technologies and our services, you can expect a high level of professionalism, thorough review of the entire system stack, knowledge transfer to your employees, and measurable value provided by our unique evidence-based analysis of your systems, as well as in-depth actionable documentation that is second to none.

The self-taught Greek philosopher, Heracleitus, was believed to have coined the phrase, ‘nothing endures but change,’ which over time has been adapted to mean ‘the only constant is change.’ This expression could not be more true in the field of technology. Heraflux embraces this continuous change, or flux, not only so we are able to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, but also because we simply love what we do – and hope it shows!

Focused on the convergence of data, cloud and infrastructure