At Heraflux Technologies, we understand the value of strategic alliances for mutual success.  Individuals working at Heraflux have been selected for their expertise, professionalism and passion for technology. In turn, we are not a firm with hundreds of consultants waiting on “the bench” to be assigned to project work.  Because our business model focuses on measurable result-driven quality, our alliance partners can be confident that their organization is represented to the highest standard when Heraflux is introduced to clients. Heraflux is a true multi-purpose partner, as we can help our alliances create demand for products and services and participate on the delivery side leading project work. Contact us today to explore how we can help expand your offerings without expanding your overhead.

Hardware and Platform Management

Heraflux has partnerships with premier worldwide hardware and platform manufacturers. These manufacturers produce enterprise solutions for server host hardware, public and hybrid cloud XaaS, virtualization, storage, network, and system backups.  We also partner with software publishers that produce solutions for systems management, performance monitoring, automation, and business continuity that complement data, virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud. Partnering with these manufacturers allows us to have a large toolbox of solutions that we can recommend as a ‘best-fit’ unbiased and impartial solution for a client’s unique requirements.

Independent Software Vendors

A growing area of partnership is with niche application vendors that often do not have SQL Server, virtualization, and/or infrastructure expertise.  Since many independent software vendors develop applications to be used with SQL Server, there can be a knowledge gap between database and infrastructure that needs to addressed.  Heraflux is frequently engaged by ISVs to assist with a next-phase architecture, cloud, or virtualization initiative. In addition, we can troubleshoot and assess SQL Server and infrastructure issues, whether deployed on-premises at a customer data center, or hosted on an ISV cloud platform.  Heraflux is also an invited speaker at many ISV conferences when there is a need to educate users on SQL Server and infrastructure best practices.

Systems Integrators & Colocation/Cloud Providers

Heraflux is not a value-added reseller, and we do not have our own cloud or data center environments for client workloads.  Our virtualization and cloud engagements are typically focused on SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, and therefore, we do not compete with systems integrators providing traditional VMware, Hyper-V, or infrastructure services.  Our partnerships with SIs, cloud, or colocation providers is focused on what we do best, which is to bring our combined expertise of SQL Server and infrastructure to complement and extend their existing solutions.  We can work with you and your client to advise, implement, mentor, and optimize SQL Server whether it is deployed in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.

Specialty Consulting Firms

The Heraflux team can deliver a lot related to services for data, virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud, but we know that we can’t always do it all.  Our consultants are often asked about services for products and solutions such as VDI, Business Intelligence, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and others.  Many specialty partners are already in our network, and have the same level of professionalism and approach as Heraflux.  Our partners have senior-level expertise in a product or solution, and are engaged with Heraflux for referral or sub-contracted for delivery work. Many specialty firms also engage Heraflux when expert SQL Server, virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud is needed.

If you are interested in speaking with Heraflux about partnership opportunities, please contact us to schedule a call.