Our clients come from a broad variety of industries and every environment is unique. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate and adapt our services to their individual challenges with the same high level of customer service that clients have come to expect. We find this reflected in the positive feedback we receive. Here are just a few examples of our clients’ satisfaction.

Thank you for your partnership on this endeavor – we would have never made it this far without you!
Katie E., ELCA

After our recent large-scale SQL Server Availability Group migration, we engaged Heraflux for an architectural review to make sure we were getting the most out of our setup.  With a sterling reputation in both the SQL Server and VMware communities, the choice to go with Heraflux was an easy one and they did not disappoint.  They reviewed the environment from the SQL instances all the way down the technology stack to storage and networking, providing great discussion and solid recommendations at every level.  Their cross-discipline expertise was key to the success of the engagement and we came away with confidence in our setup and clear takeaways to make it even better.
Ken J., TEAM Software

We recently had David come to our office for a presentation. I can say without a doubt it is well worth every penny. He really loves what he does for work. Also very knowledgeable just not in SQL but the whole entire stack of SAN, HyperVisor and networking. A great resource and I recommend people do take his class at VMWorld or at least take the time to speak with him.
Mark C.

Orion Advisor Services, Inc. is in the Financial Sector developing not only Portfolio Accounting system, but a fully integrated All in one solution for RIA’s.  Needless to say we house Terabytes of critical client data, require lightning fast data access and experience substantial growth every year.  Orion is cutting edge in all facets of our business along with its’ systems and hardware infrastructure, so it was essential that we found an expert that could not only speak to our Database platform, but also VM, SAN fabric and all interconnects to conduct a health-check and assure us that we’re positioned for growth.  After listening to David Klee, Founder of Heraflux technologies, at multiple SQL Saturday’s and hearing great things from the SQL / VM communities, it was clear that Heraflux Technologies would be the right choice.

Heraflux provided us a comprehensive statement of work and clearly laid out what methods would be used along with requesting a list of individuals that owned each environment.  David was excellent with bridging the DBA, VM, SAN and Networking groups together to initially get a high level view and work towards a deep dive view of the inner-workings of the topology.  What made the process flow, was David’s ability to exhibit expert knowledge and be able to discuss with each group about configurations and protocol.  Heraflux provided us a detailed weekly synopsis and how that related to the entirety of the engagement, along with a final project analysis document clearly outlining what information was gathered, plan of action going forward and any associated changes already made during the engagement.

While there are many consulting firms out there, we found Heraflux Technologies to exhibit all of the traits of a true partner, rather than just another firm.  Orion is continuing to benefit from Heraflux’s extensive knowledge and foresight and will continue to engage them as Orion grows.

Jeff S., Orion Advisor Services, Inc.

I attended David’s session last week and it was fantastic.  David’s expert knowledge of both SQL Server and virtualization is a rare combination.  In addition, his presentation skills are excellent!!!  It was a pleasure to attend his session. Dave B.

David is an experienced professional that knows the theory and practice of virtualization. On this course I was able to learn how virtualization used in the proper way can be a very valuable tool to improve performance, flexibility, and cost reduction on SQL licensing. Also a great guidance on ways to implemented according to your particular environment needs and resources. I really recommend this course to anybody that wants to learn or implement virtualization the right way.

Rafael C.

Bob was excellent at conveying the information in a way which was conducive to my lack of experience. I wrote down so many notes that I do not even know where to start. This course actually exceeded my expectations. As a new DBA, I was able to keep track and formulate questions.


Best session I have heard at any conference (VMworld 2017 Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with VMware vSphere 6.5 session)

Nick Korte, VMware vExpert