Heraflux has released a free PowerShell-based testing script to help you see how well your storage performs under varying types and intensity of workloads.

Microsoft’s SQLIO disk benchmarking utility had served the SQL Server community extremely well for many years. However, Microsoft has recently released a new storage benchmarking utility, called DiskSpd, as an open-sourced project for the community. This utility provides a more granular storage testing methodology, along with sub-microsecond latency values that are very important with today’s all-flash and hybrid storage devices. DiskSpd is now Heraflux’s preferred method for stress-testing storage devices.

More information about how to use DiskSpd for individual tests can be found here.

Heraflux has created a PowerShell-based batch harness for DiskSpd that allows you to automate the repetitive testing of storage with DiskSpd with multiple test configurations, including iterations of read/write, random/sequential, operations per thread (workload intensity), and read/write percentages per test. The output test results are then converted into a CSV file for you to analyze.

Explore this new free utility and see how you can put it to work for you here!