Poor storage performance continues to be the largest pain point with enterprise Database Administrators in today’s virtual world.

However, it is not the only challenge to the enterprise. The cost of the infrastructure pales in comparison to the licensing costs of the database platform. These challenges impact not only the DBAs, but also the financial side of the business. The business is constantly seeking ways to reduce the financial strain of the IT infrastructure, looking for ways to cut operational costs any way possible.

Decoupling storage acceleration from the storage layer can improve performance, but can also introduce some benefits not immediately obvious to the technologists in the organization.

What if the business could improve performance and reduce your licensing costs at the same time? 

Heraflux is proud to announce a new whitepaper developed jointly with PernixData to discuss and demonstrate the power of the FVP product in reducing the licensing footprint of enterprise SQL Server deployments.

Download this new whitepaper here.