Heraflux is proud to be participating in this year’s SQL Saturday Dallas on Saturday, September 24th. David Klee is presenting a redeveloped version of a session called “Objective SQL Server Performance” at 11:00 am in Room 100.

Session Abstract: “It’s slow! FIX IT!” is not a fun way to walk into the office on a Monday morning. However, putting objective metrics to the subjectivity of ‘slow’ is as much a science as it is art. Performance engineering takes effort well before an issue arises. Collecting the right metrics, trending and comparing against an established baseline, and identifying bottlenecks are all part of the performance process. This interactive session will help the DBA fine-tune their performance tuning approach so that the foundation for long-term proactive performance review is in place. The DBA can then shift the job responsibilities from a reactive response to a more predictive and proactive role.

We look forward to meeting you there!