PASS_2016_WebsiteLast week, Heraflux was proud to present multiple sessions at this year’s PASS Summit 2016 in Seattle, WA. David Klee presented three sessions at the conference, including one all-day workshop!

20161025_081313On Tuesday, David presented an all-day training session entitled “The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization” to a full house. This session covered a soup-to-nuts series of topics for all of the layers underneath the SQL Server databases, including storage, networking and interconnects, physical servers, virtualization, and the VM construction, and discussed critical topics such as performance tuning and availability for SQL Server VMs.

20161026_162913Wednesday, David presented a general session entitled “Virtual SQL Servers. Actual Performance” to a packed room of die hard attendees who stayed to the last session of the day. This session was designed to discuss all of the major performance tuning aspects of virtualized SQL Server, and to give the attendees the most information possible for a 1.25 hour presentation.

Thursday morning David sat on a panel session with Denny Cherry, Joey D’Antoni, and Geoff Hiten called PASS the Bacon, all sponsored by SIOS and SanDisk.


20161028_091418Finally, Friday morning David presented with Argenis Fernandez and Lou Lydiksen from Pure Storage in a session called “Storage Testing for Database Professionals“, where they talked about real-world storage testing and how conventional tools are less accurate than you think.

Thanks goes to all of the attendees, sponsors, and volunteers for making this great event a must-attend cornerstone of any database professional’s training calendar. Special thanks goes to the PASS organization, who always go above and beyond to make sure this event is truly special.

We look forward to being a part of this event next year! Until then, keep learning!