sqlsat552_webThis past weekend our Solutions Architect Cody Chapman presented at this year’s SQL Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska on the topic “Ping! (No Reply)“.

Session Abstract: Oh! ASYNC_NETWORK_IO just went through the roof! What just happened?

Ever wonder how common tasksSolutions Architect such as how servers communicate, how cross-subnet Availability Group failover to your disaster recovery site work, or why ‘they’ always recommend a dedicated network adapter for your WSFC? De-mystifying the networking underneath your databases makes you a stronger database professional. This deep dive technical session will cover many of the critical aspects of enterprise-level networking and how your database servers communicate with the rest of the world. Topics and demonstrations include networking technologies, quality of service, VLANs, routing, monitoring, and trending.

By the end of this interactive session, you will be able to check your own networks for their performance and know how to converse with the networking admins to help improve the overall performance.

The slides have been posted for you to download! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!