Two weeks ago, Heraflux was proud to be part of the next wave of the SQL Server Expert Workshop hosted by VMware Corporation in Sofia, Bulgaria. These sessions are driven from VMware Corporation’s desire to produce the best hypervisor for mission-critical applications. Periodically, VMware invites a number of SQL Server and Oracle experts from around the world to meet for a three day interactive workshop on all aspects of database virtualization. The goals are two-fold: to educate these individuals on where VMware is going with database virtualization, and to learn from them on the current challenges they face and their experiences with enterprise virtualization so they can improve the platform and features.

This session was held at the VMware Sofia Bulgaria office, where a number of the technical experts who build the various platforms and features that VMware users utilize every day.


This session’s attendees come from the SQL Server community from all over the world, including Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, South Africa, and United States.

In addition to the attendees are a number of veterans of the class, including Michael Corey of Corey & Associates, Allan Hirt of SQLHA, Denny Cherry of Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, and David Klee from Heraflux.

Many individuals from VMware Corporation push very hard for months to make these sessions happen, including:

  • Don Sullivan, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware
  • Mohan Potheri, Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Deji Akomolafe, Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Niran Even-chen, Staff Solutions Architect & Double VCDX, VMware
  • Harry Girgorov, Events and Program Manager, VMware
  • Ralitsa Drumeva, Management Assistant, VMware

Michael Corey took some amazing photos during the event, and they are available here:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Twitter #VMWSQL

This event is Heraflux’s third iteration of this training session, and like previous sessions David Klee assisted in the class by giving multiple training sessions on the inner workings of the VMware platform and tuning for performance.

These sessions are world-class, and the knowledge transfer is bidirectional.

Heraflux would like to thank VMware for letting us continue to be a part of these sessions, and would like to thank the VMware staff in Bulgaria for their incredible hospitality and comradery.





We look forward to the next one, wherever in the world it is held!