Heraflux is proud to support the next SQL Saturday in Madison, WI this coming Saturday, April 8th. Both Bob Pusateri and David Klee from Heraflux will be presenting sessions at this exciting event.

Starting sharp at 9:00am, Bob is presenting a session entitled “Supercharging Backups and Restores For Fun and Profit“, where he’ll be showing tuning techniques for your routine SQL Server backups.

Abstract: Super-fast queries are an essential part of any business process, but speed will never be more important than during a disaster when you need to restore from backup. Come and see how both backups and restores can be tuned just like a query. In this demo-intensive session, we will discuss the different phases of the backup and restore processes, how to tell how long each of them is taking, and which are the easiest to significantly speed up. You just might be surprised how simple it is to achieve dramatic results – cutting your backup and restore times by 75% or more is absolutely possible using the methods covered here.

Also at 9:00am, David is presenting a session entitled “SQL Server Infrastructure – Cloud and On-Prem Options“. He’ll discuss the nuances of the infrastructure underneath SQL Server, and the similarities and differences with the regular options we’ve all used for years.

Abstract: Years ago, DBAs worked side-by-side with the infrastructure teams who managed the equipment their databases ran on. Today, organizations are more siloed than ever, and DBAs have less visibility into this layer than ever before. What is actually under the OS? Why does it matter? Physical servers, enterprise virtualization, and cloud servers all provide solid platforms for you to run your databases on, but improperly configured and tuned platforms can lead to performance nightmares. Let’s explore the various layers, options, and performance characteristics of the different systems underneath SQL Server so you can improve the performance of your systems.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at this event! If you’d like to meet up and talk about SQL Server performance and infrastructure, contact us!