If you were fortunate enough to catch our VMworld 2020 conference session on architecting SQL Server performance for hybrid cloud architectures, you’ll notice that there were no opportunities for a questions and answers session with the speakers. This omission was a common theme that a lot of people have commented on from this year’s conference. We always want to make sure that your questions get answered no matter what, especially if you have any lingering questions that persist after getting clarification from watching our session.

We have scheduled an open Q&A session for all of you that watched our VMworld session where you can ask any topical question from all the speakers in our session, including Oleg Ulyanov from VMware, Shawn Meyers from Tintri, and myself. Tintri is graciously hosting the session, and you can register for this open Q&A session, to be held on October 15th from 2-4PM Eastern time, at this link. Bring your questions, and we’ll answer them to this light-hearted session then! We are anxiously looking forward to it!