I’m thrilled to be presenting with Deji Akomolafe a new session at this year’s VMworld 2021 conference called Virtualization Microsoft SQL Server on vSphere – Stories from the Trenches” (session number MCL1318).

Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server (the most virtualized mission-critical application) on VMware vSphere has become the standard for SQL Server deployments around the world. As vSphere continues to be the target platform for most SQL Server workloads and, with vSphere now being available in all major public cloud infrastructures, it is a given that you will virtualize your SQL Server workloads. The degree to which you will achieve bare-metal performance is up to how well you align SQL Server with the underlying infrastructure. This session (based on more than two decades of field experience) presents the common pitfalls you need to avoid and those you need to embrace as you run (or plan) your SQL Server instances on premises or in one of the various hybrid cloud options based on vSphere available from AWS, Microsoft, Google, and more.

I’m also presenting a new session called VMware Storage Queue Tuning for the vBrownBag (session number VMTN2862).

A number of defaults in ESXi are holding your enterprise storage performance down underneath your large I/O consumers, but you can fix it! This rapid-fire session shows you exactly where to look and what to tune in each of the primary storage queues in the hypervisor so you can reduce the bottlenecks and maximize your enterprise storage investment.

The conference is free to you, but I’d recommend buying the Tech+ Pass to get to the “Meet the Expert” sessions so you can learn more about SQL Server running on vSphere, both on-prem and in the cloud! Register for this exciting event today! I can’t wait to see you there!