I am looking forward to presenting to the Ohio North Database Training User Group this Tuesday, February 1st, starting at 4:00pm CST.  It is exciting for me to kickoff another year of virtual presentations to my fellow SQL Server Data Professionals looking to learn more to improve existing skills, and other IT contacts interested to start their journeys to be SQL Server DBAs.  Thank you to Erin Stellato for the invitation to present and to the SQL Server User Group in North Ohio. This session will help you understand the similarities and differences with the public cloud, and answer the pressing questions before you’re asked them so your cloud journey will be even better.

Presentation Details: Cloud adoption of database-related services continues to accelerate, but the choices for which service to select – IaaS, DBaaS, and PaaS – all impact the features available to your applications. Selecting a service is a critical first step in the migration process, and selecting poorly can lead to cost overruns and significant time spent going down the wrong path. The questions you do not ask or consider prior to a migration can make or break your cloud experience. The most important ten questions to answer, such as your availability requirements, database-level dependencies, migration strategies, and other critical concerns, will all be discussed so that you are ready to move to the cloud with confidence in your platform of choice.

RSVP for this free event here, and I look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday!

Please also check out my upcoming Ask the Experts sessions with Pavilion Data Storage on February 9th at Noon CST, “Achieve Unprecedented Results with SQL Server and NVME-oF” This will also be a great opportunity to learn about SQL Server and the importance of virtualization and storage for database performance.