Jon Shields, Vice President – Business Development

It is an exciting time at Heraflux Technologies as we celebrate nine years in business with the company anniversary on September 1st. I joined Heraflux just under two years after the business launch, at a time when David Klee (Heraflux Founder & Chief Architect) was working with some initial customers and those same clients signed the first services agreements with the help of Molly Klee (Heraflux Co-Founder & Managing Partner).

As the Vice President of Business Development, my responsibility when joining the company was to help David and Molly continue to grow what they had already started with Heraflux. The very good news and results are that seven years later our customer impact is much larger than when I joined! It is rewarding to know that I contributed to a startup company that is less than one year away from a decade in business.

Although we provide SQL Server on associated cloud and on-prem platform services for products produced by the largest companies in the IT industry – Microsoft, AWS, VMware Cisco, Dell, HPE, Pure Storage, Pavilion Data, etc., Heraflux is not a household name compared to the technologies we work with, and it is outstanding to have so many customers and partners continue to reach out to Heraflux daily for assistance.

Here’s a brief summary of Heraflux past and how we help organizations embrace the constant positive change philosophy that drives our work.

When I joined the company most of our SQL Server customers were working with us to maximize their SQL Server databases on on-prem virtual environments. At that time the public cloud was not new, but most companies were in the early stages of cloud migration planning. We have been fortunate to gain the trust of many companies to help them architect, deploy, and performance validate SQL Server in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. We have been actively involved with customers on their IT transformation with SQL Server and finding solutions that meet business goals at expected customer budgets.

So what will the next ten years look like for Heraflux?

I think our next ten years will be helping customers optimize their environments post-digital transformation. We are already starting to do more work with capacity analysis and expect “right-sizing” to be as in demand for the future as performance was to the last ten. I know we’ll also be doing more work for Clients with automation and monitoring. Stay tuned!

It was not easy for any organization, start up or established business, having to survive and thrive during Covid-19. We successfully transformed as needed to continue delivering services and finding new customers in what was an almost all virtual business world.
Many thanks to Heraflux’s customers and partners for engaging us these past nine years. Thank you also to David and Molly for having the guts to start Heraflux and their leadership as the company continues to innovate solutions and provide valuable services to Clients!