In 2023, a US-based publicly traded automobile manufacturer enlisted Heraflux’s expertise to identify the root causes of multiple SQL Server Availability Group stability issues, and implement troubleshooting steps to optimize database performance. Because the SQL Server databases support business-critical applications used for the manufacturing process, the database performance had the potential to directly impact the number of vehicles produced, and its shareholder’s profits.

In the pursuit of resolving the client’s performance issues and identifying root causes, David Klee, Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies, began this project as he has for all of Heraflux’s satisfied clients over the last decade – via a methodical proprietary assessment that reviews performance telemetry and the associated data platform configuration in-depth – and the results were nothing short of astounding.

The stability challenges were resolved through tuning a number of different default infrastructure and operating system components that individually did not pose a problem, but stacked together underneath these databases, amplified the suboptimal defaults and caused major chokepoints through the stack to become significant problems. One maintenance window was all it took to reconfigure the choke points to relieve the pressure and stabilize the platform.

The performance challenges were resolved through SQL Server database efficiency tuning and implementing some little-known features of SQL Server to improve scalability.  The client confirmed that manufacturing system process runtimes improved by 60% and unlocked the factory’s ability to scale the manufacturing process.  CPU consumption also was cut by two-thirds, which means the platform had much more headroom for future business growth.

In addition to resolving stability and performance challenges, Heraflux could show the client that more infrastructure compute resources were deployed than what was required to run SQL Server (while maintaining performance, of course). And, since SQL Server licensing for this client is tied to the number of processor cores, Heraflux identified a reduction of $1.1 million that the client could eliminate the next time they upgrade SQL Server through simply purchasing fewer cores.

Ultimately, the gains made through Heraflux’s assessment contributed to additional gross business revenue of over half a billion dollars a year.  In the Client’s most recent quarterly results, production numbers beat expectations and company stock shares climbed in value.  Total vehicle production goals for 2023 are exceeding expectations, and production is expected to meet market demands.    

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