Technical Sessions at P21 WWUG Connect Conference 2020

We are looking forward to seeing you at the virtual and free 2020 Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group Connect conference, starting Friday August 14th through Friday September 11th!  It is outstanding to be involved in the event for a fifth consecutive year!

David Klee, Heraflux’s Founder and Chief Architect, has a total of seven conference presentations and will be co-leading two roundtable discussions.

The dates and times for David’s sessions and roundtables (recommended early sign in to roundtables as there are limited virtual seats) are below:

Monday August 17th

  • Infrastructure, Cloud, and Virtualization Health Checks (Part 1) from 11:30-12:30pm EDT
  • Roundtable on Open Technology from 2:30-4:00pm EDT

Wednesday August 19th

  • Infrastructure, Cloud, and Virtualization Health Checks (Part 2) from 11:00-12:30pm EDT
  • SQL Server Health Checks from 2:30-3:30pm EDT

Thursday August 20th

  • P21 High Availability and Disaster Recovery Fundamentals from 2:00-3:00pm EDT

Friday August 21st

  • SQL Server Health Checks (Part 2) from 11:30-1:00pm EDT

Monday August 24th

  • Cloud – No Way, All In, or Kind Of? (Part 1) from 11:30-12:30pm EDT
  • Roundtable on Virtualization from 2:30-4:00pm EDT

Tuesday August 25th

  • Cloud – No Way, All In, or Kind Of? (Part 2) from 2:00-3:30pm EDT

If you are not available to attend a session but have questions for us, please contact us about scheduling a meeting.

Many thanks again to the Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group event coordinators for including Heraflux Technologies in the 2020 Connect user conference.  We are looking forward to virtually seeing our many customers and other attendees.

Thank you!

The Heraflux Team




VMworld 2016 – Heraflux in Las Vegas Day 6 (VMworld Conference Day 4 – Final VMworld 2016 Conclusions)

The morning started with a conference call with an international services firm interested in working with Heraflux on Oracle to SQL Server migration services.  This is an area that really seems to be gaining momentum.  Although we have already blogged about why the timing for an Oracle to SQL Server migration is now, there will be more blogs to follow on this topic.

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VMworld 2016 – Heraflux in Las Vegas Day 5 (VMworld Conference Day 3)

After another successful breakfast meeting with a partner contact, we had some unplanned free time due to rescheduling of a meeting. This allowed us a chance late morning to walk the Solutions Exchange floor to meet with Heraflux hardware and software alliance contacts.

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VMworld 2016 – Heraflux in Las Vegas Day 4 (VMworld Conference Day 2)

Our schedule today included a number of meetings with clients and partner contacts.  Due to confidentiality I cannot disclose names, but will highlight as much info as possible in this recap of the second day at VMworld, and our fourth day in Las Vegas.

The second day at VMworld for Heraflux started with a breakfast meeting with a client contact.  It is always appreciated when customers and partners take time from the conference schedule to say hello.  After breakfast we went to the Solutions Exchange to meet with a couple executive contacts from one of the conference Platinum sponsors.  We’ve done past advisory work for this company, and are optimistic we may be doing some future joint marketing activities.  Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming announcements.

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VMworld 2016 – Heraflux in Las Vegas Day 3 (VMworld Conference Day 1)

After an incredible weekend, Monday started off with a bang. We arrived at Mandalay Bay to meet contacts from a strategic alliance to discuss SQL Server virtualization on their platform over breakfast.

After breakfast we attended part of the VMworld General Session to hear Pat Gelsinger and other VMware executives discuss the current state of the company, and strategic direction.  I think many VMworld attendees this year were anxious coming to the conference wanting to understand what VMware will do to stay relevant as public cloud continues to impact the need for on-prem infrastructure (including vSphere).  As a firm with services related to the convergence of data and infrastructure, we are one of the many companies wanting to understand VMware’s role in a growing public cloud world.

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VMworld 2016 – A Review of Our First Two Days in Las Vegas

vmworld_2016What an incredible first couple of days of VMware's VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas for pre-conference activities.  Our first day, Saturday 8/27 was VMware Corporation’s SQL Server Workshop.  Many thanks to VMware’s Deji Akomolafe and Niran Even Chen for inviting our own David Klee to co-present at this all day technical training, and to Don Sullivan for coordinating an outstanding day for Heraflux and the session attendees.

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A look back at my first year at Heraflux and VMworld 2016

At this time last year, I had just joined Heraflux Technologies, and David Klee, the company Founder and Chief Architect, was finalizing his schedule for VMworld 2015.  It is incredible how quickly a business year can fly by when a company has products and services that are valued and in-demand.

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