Presenting at Omaha Azure User Group this Wednesday

This Wednesday, February 26th, I will be presenting a new session entitled "All Things SQL in the Microsoft Cloud" for the Omaha Azure Users Group, starting at 6pm Central time. It is held at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska office at 1919 Ak-Sar-Ben Drive (that's Nebraska spelled backwards for those of you not from the area).

Session Details: Microsoft’s SQL Server database platform has been the foundation of enterprise applications for decades. The adoption of the cloud has started to change the data landscape, and you should be prepared. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform brings many compelling reasons to move your databases to the cloud, but what do you need to know to have a successful migration? Should you pick Azure SQL Database, Managed SQL Instances, or a SQL Server running in a VM in the cloud? How do I size the new service to maximize performance while minimizing cost? What should I expect in the cloud? What about a hybrid architecture? This interactive session will discuss the similarities and differences of operating a SQL Server in the cloud and will demonstrate many tips and tricks for properly selecting and managing the databases in the cloud.

I look forward to seeing you all there! Bring your questions, and make sure to RSVP at the Meetup group today!

Omaha Azure User Group Presentation 2019.10.20

David Klee is proud to present to Omaha's Microsoft Azure Users Group in a new session called "Everything you Need to Know about SQL Server in Azure".

Session Details: Are you interested in moving your SQL Server workloads to the Azure public cloud? Where do you start? Do you pick Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, or do you need the full versatility (and overhead) of SQL Server in an Azure IaaS VM? How do you get your data there? How do you maintain performance and availability? How can you monitor it? All of these questions and more will be addressed in this interactive session. Bring your questions and let’s explore Azure SQL Server offerings together!

RSVP for this meeting at the user group Meetup site. We look forward to seeing you there!