SQL Server Data Platform Reference Architecture

The Subject Matter Experts:
Developed from over sixteen years of implementing and supporting business-critical database environments, Heraflux Technologies offers enterprise reference architectures for Microsoft SQL Servers. Our industry-tested designs save your organization money, time, and stress while improving performance, efficiency, and availability, all while maximizing the investments in the platform. Our architectures provide specific optimizations for every layer of the infrastructure stack, from storage to VM to the database, all designed to improve performance and interoperability while reducing your SQL Server licensing footprint.

What is a SQL Server Reference Architecture?
A reference architecture is a comprehensive review of the current SQL Server and associated component architecture at your organization. The review identifies architectural decisions, scalability and performance components, availability, business continuity, capacity, and future state goals and aspects of each layer of the infrastructure stack, all from the SQL Server point of view. This service also educates each member of each silo in the IT organization on the SQL Server-centric aspects as it pertains to their specific job responsibilities.

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Senior Enterprise Architect, Global Airline

Technology Stack Layers

  • Cloud and/or On-Premises
  • Application Data Handling
  • SQL Server Availability Design
  • SQL Server Database Architecture, Usage Patterns, and Scalability
  • SQL Server Instance Configuration
  • Operating System
  • Hypervisor (VMware, Hyper-V, Acropolis, if applicable)
  • Compute (Server, CPU, Memory, Interconnects)
  • Interconnects (Fabric, Network)
  • Enterprise Storage

Systems Engineering

  • Specific performance and availability recommendations for each system component
  • Standardization checklist and recommendations
  • Bottleneck removal in critical components in each layer
  • Eliminate finger-pointing during performance challenges
  • Reduce wasted compute resources and unnecessary overhead
  • Limit impact of component configuration on other stack layers
  • Business continuity strategy review for critical data

Strategic Prevention

  • Database availability strategy step-by-step decision trees
  • Bottleneck removal in critical components in each layer
  • Eliminate finger-pointing during performance challenges
  • Maintain performance of critical databases
  • Minimize impact of component configuration on other stack layers
  • Eliminate deployment configuration drift
  • Maintain performance and availability SLAs

Results-Driven Process

  • Evaluate means to reduce SQL Server licensing footprint while maintaining and even improving performance and availability

  • All members of IT organization working together seamlessly to manage and maintain SQL Server best practices, thanks to cross-silo knowledge transfer

  • Checklist processes and practices for standardized SQL Server deployments, availability and performance KPIs, capacity management, and performance baselines

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