YOU have been Invited

You have been invited to download the SQL Server-on-VMware and SQ Server-on-Hyper-V Virtual Machine Build Guides from Heraflux Technologies. The SQL Server Reference Build Guides are designed to help SQL Server Database Administrators and System Administrators construct the optimal SQL Server virtual machine deployments, both for performance and availability.  Many of the items in the guide are tuned and tweaked for performance purposes with techniques not known to the public.

The Build Guide details important SQL Server VM build best practices related to:

  • Configuration and settings for infrastructure-layer technologies, including storage, compute host, virtual machine, operating system
  • Performance tips and tricks for items such as vNUMA, storage presentation, and network throughput
  • Availability tips and tricks including items such as in-guest time synchronization
  • SQL Server instance-level specifications

This guide was designed for versions of SQL Server 2016 and above, Windows Server 2016 and above, and vSphere 6.5 / Hyper-V 2016 and above. However, many of the items can be referenced and tuned for your specific version(s) of SQL Server and the underlying platform if your versions are currently different.

The content in the VM Build Guides for SQL Server was collected through over fifteen years of hands-on Heraflux experience working with all types of Clients looking to architect and performance optimize virtual environments for business-critical SQL Server databases. It was developed by David Klee, company founder, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and VMware vExpert, who is one of the industry leaders of the convergence of data, infrastructure, and cloud.

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Download the Guide