Supporting your team.

When most organizations hear about a consulting firm offering Managed Services, the assumption is either outsourcing of a job role or possible colocation of infrastructure.  At Heraflux, we are not looking to replace customer staff, and we do not have our own data center or cloud environment to house customer systems.  Our goal is to provide the data, virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud expertise that is not readily available on a Client’s full-time staff or with a contracted provider.

Managed Services at Heraflux include the following:

  • Remote Database and Infrastructure Administration

Remote long-term proactive support of your business-critical systems.  We will work with you to select the correct mix of ongoing services and the systems that need our routine support.  From strategic staff augmentation to full enterprise data administration, our world-class technologists have the breadth and depth of knowledge to help your business maximize its IT investments.

  • Public Cloud Usage and Efficiency Management

Proactive reviews of your SQL Server databases and infrastructure in the public cloud Heraflux technologists have expertise maximizing efficiency and performance of business critical systems on virtual on premise infrastructure.  As applications and databases have transitioned to the public cloud, understanding how to “fine tune” systems is now even more significant.  Public cloud provider fees are based on consumption of resources (CPU, memory, network, and disk).  Heraflux understands how to optimize systems so public cloud provider fees remain predictable and as low as possible.

  • Outsourced Resource Management

Filling the data and infrastructure knowledge gap often missing from large IT outsourcers.  Many of our clients have critical systems that are entirely outsourced to some of the international service providers.  Although these companies may be good at meeting their up-time SLAs, critical areas such as performance and efficiency are compromised.  Heraflux technologists do proactive checks to validate system stack health, operational efficiency, application and database performance, and planning for strategic architecture changes, and direct these outsourced resources with targeted action items to improve the efficiency of the management processes and improve the usage of the technology.

Getting Started:

  • Discovery session(s) to understand your business requirements, long-term plans, and budget
  • Environment assessment(s) of the systems to be remotely managed or assessed
  • Strategic planning sessions to determine current and future state architecture
  • Ongoing operational duty support
  • Project and proactive support assistance