The Heraflux “Acceleration Bundle” is a kickstart-style engagement that includes a collection of Heraflux’s Reference Architecture, Strategy, Performance, System Health, and Immersion Training services combined into a short-term, low cost, and extremely high value engagement.  In just two weeks, Heraflux delivers an operational health check, trains your entire IT group while addressing specific optimizations for every layer of the infrastructure stack, from storage to compute to VM to the database, all designed to improve performance, availability, and operations, all while potentially reducing your SQL Server license footprint.

This service was launched in 2019 after fifteen years delivering hundreds of SQL Server environment reviews, and the approach developed from collecting and analyzing performance data on Client systems and developing methodologies and strategies for the Heraflux and Client teams to implement for optimization.

As our Clients have started to implement digital transformation strategies, we created the “Acceleration Bundle” because requirements for strategy are as much of a high priority as identifying and troubleshooting the SQL Server and platform performance issues.

The consistent drivers for Clients to engage Heraflux are summarized below and included in the “Acceleration Bundle”

Reference Architecture

  • Understand system state including SQL Server stack performance and efficiency in advance of an architecture change
  • Understand resource consumption baselines and system capacity metrics in advance of a cloud migration or other infrastructure change
  • Understand the “Right-Sizing” process to save existing operational costs, improve performance, or address required capacity estimates in advance of a system refresh or cloud migration


  • Understand how to best identify and implement a business continuity strategy based on organization availability requirements
  • Seek advice from application and platform experts when critical decisions are anticipated for on-prem, hybrid, and public cloud architectures
  • Understand the potential to reduce compute resource footprint, and how to collect and analyze the data to support a system change


  • Ramp up efficiency with cross-silo training so everyone can work together efficiently during performance, stability, and availability challenges
  • Looking for ways to improve IT silo interoperability
  • Wanting to eliminate staff and vendor finger pointing and wasted time during performance and availability issues

Interested in learning more about this cost effective and high impact engagement? Contact us to speak with the team!