Corporate Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

Heraflux Technologies is an industry leader in the convergence of data, cloud, virtualization, and infrastructure.  Our services focus on the business requirements, the right mix of private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms, and the critical applications to ensure architecture strategies are designed with the requirements of each application at the core.

As the data requirements of any business continues to grow in volume, businesses are constantly outgrowing or outpacing their existing infrastructures.  Today’s modern business also demands improved faster data-driven decision making, and the current architecture might not be able to accommodate the requests.  Heraflux specializes in understanding the workload characteristics of data and the impact of the on-premises infrastructure and public cloud environments serving as the platform for the data.  We can review your data workloads, server infrastructure, and cloud systems to set a path for performance and scalability improvements that will increase your competitive advantage.

Getting Started:

  • Profile the database workloads to determine current performance versus business demands
  • Understand the impact of your data workloads on your current on-premises or cloud architecture
  • Determine a future state public, private, or hybrid cloud architecture that supports your data workloads as your business scales
  • Identify any bottlenecks that might be holding back system performance