Enterprise Knowledge Transfer and Training

One of the most difficult tasks is keeping your staff up-to-date with the latest technologies, and how it relates to your business, the competition, their jobs, and everyone’s organizational responsibilities. Heraflux specializes in educating IT professionals on the core technologies that power and store a business’s data. We provide in-person classroom and remote web-based training for small to large corporate groups. Our approach is to mentor with real-world examples versus speaking about concepts through manuals and vendor-produced slideware.  By providing true knowledge transfer instead of lecturing, participants take-away a much deeper understanding that lead to the skills needed to improve overall business operations, technical efficiency, and reliability.

Heraflux instructors are not typical trainers.  They are premier system architects and consultants that want to share their experiences with your team.  There are no Heraflux architects or consultants dedicated to training only.  All our team members contribute a mix of client education and project work, so skills stay sharp and cutting edge content is continuously developed and improved as we keep up with new and evolving technology.

Our classes can be taught in-person at your place of business, a designated third-party location, or remotely – whichever you prefer.  Our educational services are varied and custom-tailored to the audience, and suitable for groups ranging in size from one to one hundred or more.

Getting started:

  • Every business has different needs and goals for their staff. If our existing training classes are not exactly what you are looking for, Heraflux will create a custom training curriculum. Please contact us for more information.