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Microsoft Certified Master Bob Pusateri leads this full-day course on improving SQL Server performance for third-party vendor applications. It’s not uncommon for applications to demonstrate lousy performance due to suboptimal schema design or poorly-performing database queries, and you know how to make it better. However, many vendors make it either impossible or outright forbidden to change that code. This all-day course will focus on the many options that Microsoft SQL Server offers to improve the performance of an application without altering its queries. Attendees will be exposed to numerous performance tuning practices at both the SQL Server and infrastructure levels, and will learn how to review key points of their stack to ensure optimal SQL Server performance for almost any vendor application.

Intended Audience

The intended audience of this course is system administrators, database administrators, and developers looking to improve the performance of vendor applications that utilize Microsoft SQL Server for their database engine.

Course Topics

The following topics will be addressed during the course:

  • Wait Statistics
  • Execution Plans
  • Query Store
  • Plan Guides
  • Monitoring
  • Blocking and Locking
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Parallelism
  • Server Configuration
  • Indexing & Statistics
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Hardware & Infrastructure
  • Tools & Scripts

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Monitor relevant metrics and calculate a performance baseline for an application
  • Review their own enterprise infrastructure for performance bottlenecks
  • Determine the optimal SQL Server configuration for best performance of an application


Attendees with the following experiences will benefit the most from this course:

  • Basic familiarity with the core components of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Experience with database table design and query construction
  • Exposure to Windows/SQL Server performance metric measurement and identification

A set of slides and relevant documentation will be provided to attendees to aid in performance tuning their own environments.

Seats are limited in this training offering, so register now!

iceowl(Part 1) To be announced soon!

iceowl(Part 2) To be announced soon!