Moving to the Cloud is About More Than Just Infrastructure

Moving your business to the cloud is much more than lifting and shipping your applications to a different infrastructure ‘out there’. The entire business must be evaluated, the systems scrutinized, the data analyzed, and the workload characteristics understood. Why do you want to move? What are your security, performance, and availability requirements? Only when you can step back, review the entire path and acknowledge the changes at each step, can a true cloud migration plan succeed.

Why Migrate

Use case understanding. Emotion versus business case. Financial business case. Cost or personnel necessity.

Application Readiness

Performance and availability demands. Cloud platform options. Vendor compliance.  Financial models. Testing. Migration strategies.

Cloud Selection

Platform and vendor feature matrix. Support. SLAs. Availability. Security. Connectivity.

Availability Architecture

Price versus availability tiers. Redundancy plans and options. SLAs. Application readiness. Provider analysis.

Performance Baselines

Workload performance characterization and classification. Performance demands versus business expectations. Target platform adherence. Performance-oriented cost modeling.

Sizing Criteria

Price of performance versus established expectations. Workload performance quantification. Platform adherence.