Amazon AWS Enterprise Services

Thinking of moving to the public cloud? Amazon AWS has world-class cloud options for both infrastructure and application as a service. Our consulting services help you navigate the myriad of decisions in Amazon’s public cloud and successfully migrate the portions of your business that best fit this technology.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are your applications ready for the cloud? Is your organization ready for the change? Our readiness assessments will help prepare you on your journey to the cloud to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud strategies start with application suitability analysis, infrastructure review, availability and connectivity requirements, security review, financial implications, implementation and migration strategies.

Workload Efficiency

Every compute cycle consumed, bit of data stored, or byte sent over the wire hits your financial bottom line. Our experts can optimize your systems and reduce the operational expenses by improving the efficiency of your resource consumption footprint.

Cloud Proof-of-Concept

Not sure the cloud is the right fit for your workloads? Get hands-on with a proof-of-concept tailored to your requirements to see if the cloud will work for your business.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes the public cloud is not the best fit for some of your applications, but a perfect solution for others. We blend the right technologies to design the ideal platform for your business.

Service Automation

Automate the provisioning of compute, connectivity, storage, OS, and application resources, deployed the way your business needs them.