SQL Server and Platform Custom Training Services

Your system stack layers need to work together to make the most of your database platform investment. Often, Database Administrators and Infrastructure Architects don’t speak the same tech language. As an unintended result, different layers in the system have contradictory settings that negatively impact your system performance and stability.

At Heraflux, because we specialize in how the database and the infrastructure underneath it, whether it is cloud or on-premises, physical or virtual, should optimally work together in speed and reliability, we’re here to unlock your IT team’s full potential through our custom training services.

We pride ourselves on providing deep technical and strategic training for engineering enterprise SQL Servers on modern IT infrastructures. Our training provides a bottom-up approach for all members of all IT silos, from storage to the database query, to ensure that everyone works together to maximize your SQL Server investment.

Heraflux Training Advantages

Industry Leaders

Our track record of providing training for SQL Server and its platform is unparalleled in the industry. The training is custom for your organization to include enterprise storage, virtualization and cloud, SQL Server, and business continuity topics.

Hands On

Our training is hands on in your organization’s data platform with direct feedback on how to improve your SQL Servers, rather than just generic slideware. Our tips and tricks will help you boost performance, decrease costs, and improve system resiliency.


With almost 20 years of enterprise SQL Server and virtualization experience, our training includes the hundreds of  tips and tricks from years of architecting and performance tuning some of the largest SQL Servers on the planet.

Interested in Our Custom Training?

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