SQL Server and Platform Health Check

Are your SQL Server performance challenges hurting your business, and no one can seem to pinpoint where the problems actually are? Let us take the guesswork out of understanding the root causes of performance and availability challenges with our full-stack health check.

Our holistic review goes through each layer at and underneath the SQL Server database, including instance, operating system, hypervisor / cloud platform, and storage. Our comprehensive review optimizes your platform for cost savings and performance gains, and avoids the unintended consequences of layers being addressed separately.

Service Offerings

SQL Server Performance

  • Patch status
  • Memory management
  • NUMA alignment
  • Query parallelism
  • Routine maintenance
  • Alerting and notifications
  • Resource consumption by DB
  • Backups & validation

SQL Server Database

  • Data file / file group design and placement
  • Table design and usage patterns
  • Index and statistics
  • Long running / resource consuming queries
  • Query / procedure optimization
  • Concurrency

Capacity Management

  • SQL Server license optimization
  • “Right-sizing” VM / service resource allocations
  • Greater VM density while improving performance
  • Micro- and macro-level consumption mapping
  • Long-term capacity forecasting

Enterprise Storage

  • SQL Server storage alignment
  • Cloud & on-premises
  • Flash, NVMe, hybrid, or spindle
  • Performance engineering
  • Disk pool latency & IOPs
  • Controller consumption and bottlenecks
  • Interconnect throughput optimization
  • Bottleneck identification

Physical Server / Compute

  • Cloud services or IaaS
  • On-premises VM or physical
  • Hardware / platform selection
  • CPU selection for optimization of SQL Server licensing
  • NUMA optimization
  • Power profile optimization
  • Memory speed and density
  • Interconnect topology
  • HA / DR integration

Virtualization Hypervisor

  • VMware, Hyper-V, and all other major hypervisors
  • VM density & “noisy neighbors”
  • Storage presentation optimization & consumption
  • Resource scheduler contention
  • VM construction for SQL Server best practices
  • Performance metric collection review

Cloud Platform

  • Service selection (DBaaS / IaaS / PaaS)
  • Cloud provider analysis
  • Compute resource allocation scale
  • Provisioned resource constraints
  • Data flow egress / ingress
  • Bottleneck review
  • Availability architecture

Availability & Disaster Recovery

  • On-premises / cloud / hybrid
  • Operational SLA review
  • High availability review for SQL Server
  • Infrastructure HA optimization
  • Disaster recovery validation and testing
  • Mentoring & training

Application Data Handling

  • Bottleneck detection
  • Inefficient & long-running command identification
  • Consumption rates by app module or function
  • Scalability & design optimization
  • Maximize the SQL Server platform investment

Interested in Our Full-Stack Health Check?

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