Client Success Stories

Since 2013, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients across the globe to ensure their SQL Servers and the platforms underneath are running at peak performance and availability.

When reviewing and improving each company’s system, we operate from an owner’s mindset, looking for the most measurable value for their business as if it were our own, so ultimately their successes become our successes. By using this approach, it’s no wonder the majority of our clients engage for a least one new project after the first is completed.

Explore some of the real-world IT challenges below, and how we advise our clients to meet their business goals.

Hardware / Software Company Security

Client Objectives:
Client needed to improve the reliability and availability of the SQL Servers underneath a mission-critical security platform for items such as badge scanners, perimeter security, and door entry points.

Client Engagement Platform

Client Objectives:
Client needed to validate that a cloud-based web application and database solution could perform at least as well as their on-premises hosting solution to help reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Industrial Automation

Client Objectives:
Client was experiencing systematic performance challenges throughout their IT infrastructure and business-critical manufacturing applications. After months of troubleshooting, the Client had exhausted their internal resources.

Energy Telemetry

Client Objectives:
Client needed to ensure that their IT infrastructure is providing the maximum possible performance for their continuously available 24×7 operations while ensuring the systems are capable of handling the explosive organization’s growth.

Wealth Management Platform

Client Objectives:
Client was suffering excessive database-level storage latency, dramatically slowing down critical database performance, while storage team reported no elevated latencies on the all-flash SAN, and that all is well.

Religious Ministry

Client Objectives:
Client was suffering excessive and repetitive database-level availability solution failures, which took down key business-critical systems and was negatively impacting business operations.