PASS HA/DR Open Q&A Extravaganza Dec 10

As leader of the PASS High Availability and Disaster Recovery virtual chapter, I invite you to bring your questions for a mega open Q&A session on Tuesday, December 10th, at 1pm Eastern time. We have assembled one of the largest lineups of SQL Server HA/DR experts in our history, and any question goes! Not in any order, the speakers are:

This open-ended Q&A session will help you answer any questions that you have wondered about or currently fight with on SQL Server and Microsoft data platform high availability and/or disaster recovery. Bring your questions and we have the answers! RSVP today for this free webinar!

PASS Virtualization VC Open Q&A Oct 16

David Klee will be answering questions during an open Q&A session with the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter at 1pm Central on October 16th. Bring your questions and RSVP today!

PASS Virtualization VC Webinar

David Klee is proud to present a free webinar for the PASS Virtualization virtual chapter entitled "Level Up Your Cloud Infrastructure Skills" on Wednesday, April 11, at 1pm Eastern.

Abstract: Think infrastructure in the cloud is still just for sysadmins? Think again! As your organization moves into the cloud, infrastructure skills are more important than ever for DBAs to master. Expert knowledge of cloud-related infrastructure will help you maintain performance and availability for databases in the cloud. For example, know what an IOP is? How many does your database consume during a given day? Properly sizing a cloud database depends on your knowledge of this metric. Failure to properly configure storage performance at the time of deployment will slow down your SQL Server considerably. Come learn many of the key cloud infrastructure points that you should master as the DBA role continues to evolve!

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PASS Performance Virtual Chapter Webinar

On August 24th, David Klee will be presenting a webinar for the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter entitled “Performance Tune Your SQL Server VM“.

Your SQL Server virtual machines, whether in your own datacenter or in the cloud, should perform as fast as a bare metal server. If not properly constructed and managed, however, the performance of these critical servers can suffer. The different areas of the VM architecture and performance, such as virtual CPU architecture and NUMA, disk presentation and configuration, memory management, and differences between cloud and on-prem SQL Server VMs, will be explored in this demo-packed session.

This session is packed with many tips and tricks gained from years of experience for getting the most performance from your virtual SQL Servers. The major roadblocks to performance will be discussed and the knowledge gained will help you work with your infrastructure engineers so you can optimize the system stack for performance. Tools, techniques, and processes will be demonstrated to help you measure and validate the system performance of the key components underneath your data.

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PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter Webinar

On July 10th, David Klee will be presenting a webinar for the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter entitled "SQL Server Infrastructure - Cloud & On-Prem Options".

Years ago, DBAs worked side-by-side with the infrastructure teams who managed the equipment their databases ran on. Today, organizations are more siloed than ever, and DBAs have less visibility into this layer than ever before. What is actually under the OS? Why does it matter? Physical servers, enterprise virtualization, and cloud servers all provide solid platforms for you to run your databases on, but improperly configured and tuned platforms can lead to performance nightmares. Let’s explore the various layers, options, and performance characteristics of the different systems underneath SQL Server so you can improve the performance of your systems.

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