Disasters big and small happen, and as data professionals, you should be prepared for the worst! I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching the Microsoft Data Platform Continuity Virtual Group, starting with an open questions and answer session on June 23rd at 1pm Central Daylight Time. Bring your questions and RSVP to this free and exciting session with elite panelists from the Microsoft Data Platform community!

We will be focusing on business continuity strategies, high availability, disaster recovery, and backups (and restores – don’t forget those!) for all things Microsoft data platform, most notably (but certainly not exclusively) SQL Server, both on-premises and in the cloud! Previously, this was the core of the PASS HA/DR Virtual Chapter, but we’re relaunching as part of the newly formed Microsoft Azure Data Tech Groups.

Launching this group with me are Rick Lowe from Data FLowe Solutions and Chris Lumnah from Rubrik.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a session you’d love to see from this group, or if you’re interested in presenting!